Reports in Cienapps

Incomes per customerList the incomes per customer based on the invoices generated for the customer. The reports gives an average of the income per invoice for the customer

Taxes perceived report

Generate the taxes perceived based on the period selected. You can generate the report by Branch province or by delivery province.

Receipts report

The Receipts report displays the payment and/or customer advance and the transaction was made on which type (customer, order, invoice). 

The user may filter report by branch, customer or payment condiions.

The user can filter the report by Customer Advance or Payment

Daily report - detailed

The daily report shows the different transaction with more details.

Can be sorted by Date, Invoice number or Payment type.

Complete statements

Statements report displayed for all the customer. You currently only have the option to display a complete report. The statement shows the terms of the statement. (30-59, etc.)

Merchandise cost report

Merchandiser cost report based on the great ledger account of the production category

Planned earnings reportList of the planned work-order and the estimated revenue per job. You can also generate the list based on the installation date or based on the start production date

Work in progress

List that estimate the income of the project based on the reserved material and the labor cost completed. You enter the the rate of profit to generate the estimated income

Total cost = Material reserved cost + Direct Labor cost completed

Estimated income = Total cost / (1- rate of profit)

Report comparing price

Report comparing the cost price of a material in the Quotation and the order.

Report comparing the workshop / department cost between the quotation and the order.

You can filter to a selected order. Other filters are also available (See the screenshot)

Follow up reportReport of all the follow-ups added.

Inactivity report

Report of the inactive products based on the selection previously choosen

Can either display all the product or a specific category

Can also display all the products or Products with quantiy in inventory only

Can also be generated based on the last purchase or last sale.

Cost report by work-order

Coming soon

Coming soon