Average cost and supplier cost

This page explains how the average cost and supplier cost are being used in Cienapps


You can access the product table by selecting the product under the supplying menu









The product tables give you the following cost and prices information :

  • Price column is the price of the product (not the supplier cost) but the price that you have configured as the price to be billed to the customer (see below)


  • You also have the price information at the bottom of the page


  • The supplier cost is the most recent supplier cost of the product. It is based on the last reception of the product that has happened in Cienapps



From the product file, the average cost takes into consideration all the costs of the reception done by Cienapps.


You can display the average cost by right-clicking on Display prices


To better understand how we calculate the average cast, here’s an example :

If I have one melamine sheet remaining in my inventory that I paid in 2019 at $22. I also have 5 other melamine sheets inventoried and purchased at $27 in 2020. Cienapps will give you an average cost of $26,17.


Here’s the average cost calculation :

$27 x 5 sheets (cost of 2020) + $22 x 1 sheet (cost of 2019) = $157

157$ / 6 melamine sheets (overall stock available) = $26,17


The average cost is taken in Cienapps for inventory report (see below)


The job costing information will be done based on the supplier cost of the Work-Order since it’s contains the most updated cost of the product.