Postal code and phone format

It is now possible to define how zip codes and phone numbers will be displayed by country.

Each country has a unique phone and zip code format.

The configurations are available in the country sheet.

In the example here, we see that the country Canada is selected in the drop-down box.

This will automatically modify the postal code format according to the Canadian standard (A1A 1A1).

The default phone number format is the one that has always been present, (999) 999-9999.

It can be changed manually by the user according to his needs.

The button allows you to have different examples of the format.



All records with a link to the country will be affected.

For example here, the customer is in Canada and his postal code is not valid so a small appears to indicate that the format is not valid.

It will also be impossible to add a character that is invalid according to the country standard.

The affected records are the following

  • Customer

  • Address

  • Contact

  • Supplier