Required specs for installing Cienapps

User Computers

Please note that

  1. The screen and graphic cards should support 1920x1080 resolution as some windows might not be fully optimised for other custom resolutions (you might see horizontal and vertical scrollbars)
  2. We've had problems with the Intel HD 630 onboard graphics serie since the Automn 2018 Intel graphic updates. Especially on HP bundled desktop computers (Some HP software blocks latest Intel drivers)

Basic user computer specs

  1. Pretty much any recent CPUs (i3, i5, i7 clocking around or over 3 GHz)
  2. A strict minimum of 4 GB of ram might do depending on what else is running but we strongly recommand 8GB
  3. Any fast HDD or and SSD preferably for better performance
  4. Wired network connection with a good local speed is recommended. Cienapps communicates a lot with the server so it can be a bottleneck for old computers/routers/cables. Gigabit internal network speed is also recommended.
  5. Access to a network drive where all users will store documents used in Cienapps

Database Server

  1. A recent Xeon processor with database hosting specs. (4 cores around 3.5ghz min)  You can call or email if you want us to approve your model.
  2. We recommand at least 16 GB of ram for less than 30 users. For more users, please contact us so we can calculate how much you might need.
  3. SSD is required. We recommand a 1 TB HDD on the side for document storage.
  4. Windows Server 2016 or up
  5. Server access for our developers so we can run tests or maintenance. If you can have 2  concurrent access, it is even better.
  6. Machine (or VM) needs to be dedicated for Cienapps and it's database
  7. As for virtualization, we've ran into database issues when VMs where virtualized using Hyper-V. Using VMWare is required at the moment.
  8. Keep in mind with will have some specific ports to forward for our custom apis so that machine should preferably have a static local IP