Connectivity issue

In the event of power outages, some customers have a UPS (Unit Power Supply) to avoid the abrupt shutdown of the Cienapps database server. Other customers do not have this unit or the failure occurs during a long office closure (December holiday).

During these failures, the DB server is shut down abruptly and the DB engine is 'stuck'. A user who tries to connect will have the approximate message “Can’t establish connection”. If your server is well started and the parameters are normal (accessible IP address, open port), it is possible to restart the database.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. On the server, do a CTRL-ALT-DELETE to display the Windows task manager or, right-click on the taskbar for 'Task Manager'.

2. Target the tab ‘Details’. Target ‘manta64’ and ‘mantamanager64’ apps.


3. Force close these apps. WARNING: this operation must be carried out if and only if you have this blocker. Data loss could occur if this action is performed during the use of Cienapps by your company's users.

4. Restart the HFSQL control center application. The icon can be on the desktop or a windows search ('Windows' button) with the entry 'HF' allows access to the application.

5. Close the application and attempt a reconnection with your Cienapps.

If the problem continues, contact our support.